The Flow of Life

How does the external and internal inform each other in one flow?

Our sense of connection with life, our well-being is created from the open flow of this relationship. It could be called “fluidity”.

Surf the Flow with Prue Jeffries offers retreat experiences that blend “external” health activities such as Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking, Walking and Surfing with “internal” meditative movement sessions. Enhancing our capacity for fluidity and exchange also enhances resiliency, in a reciprocal relationship.

Locations are chosen for their sublime natural beauty and amazing culture to act as catalysts for regeneration, healing & growth.

Surf the Flow retreats are a thoughtfully designed to engage experiential fluidity

that develops resiliency, well-being and feelings of connection with life.

Magnetic synergies in the natural world

We are the nature. Often forgotten due to the demands

of modern lives. Dedicating time to connect with the

sublime beauty of the natural world can re-center and

ground awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

Science also supports the health benefits of spending

time being with nature.

Water sustains and promotes well-being

Just as we are nature ~ we are water, 70 – 80% in fact.

The origins of our lives begin in water so its natural that

our connection and affinity is deeply attuned to the life

sustaining creativity of water. Science has verified that

being on, in and around water supports feelings of

relaxation, ease and collaboration.

Meditative Movement

Moving Meditation supports feelings of peace and clarity.

It gently enhances creativity, focus and a sense of restoration and embodied unity.

Culture, Art and Humanity

Our humanity unites us. Social engagement is essential

for well-being. Travel is a wonderful way to open to new experiences, peoples, cultures and ways of being.

Exercise & Fitness

Activities that develop strength, co-ordination, concentration, balance and aerobic fitness are important for health and quality of life.

Walking, Paddling, and Surfing require a partnership with nature. A combination of play, curiosity and fun, with feelings of satisfaction

in developing new skills or the updating of existing ones can be intrinsically rewarding.


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