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Life is a Mystery, a wondrous adventure unveiling herself. Each moment is unique and has never been before, and never will be again, just like the waves in the ocean. If we can be still inside ourselves long enough, present in the unfolding, we can be with the waves of life and merge with the Ocean that we are.

We are all Surfers when we are living as flowing expressions of our Unity.

We are not seperate from nature, our cells vibrate to the buzzing of honey bees, an arm stretches out yawning, as a pelican swoops along the ocean surface and glides towards the horizon.

Being nature, we are not separate from the creative act of life, we are the art and the artist, the surfer and the wave, the flow of life itself - the Ocean.

Thank you for joining me in the flow of life,

I hope you enjoy the adventures within these pages.

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