Water, nature, creativity, wellbeing and travel have been my greatest passions in life. I have been fortunate to be able to combine them all in various ways.

In my high school years, I delved deep into poetry, metaphysics, and philosophy. I was happiest in the library reading David Bohm or an Auden poem and looking at an atlas. Reading Krishnamurti at 14 had a significant impact on me. At the same time I was immersed in art and photography, and playing many sports, but one – surfing started to take all my focus. I needed several outlets to balance the artistic, athletic, mental and spiritual dimensions of myself. I found surfing satisfied the artistic, the athletic and the spiritual through communing with nature and the ocean.

Prue Jeffries in the film Dear & Yonder by Tiffany Morgan-Campbell.

What I love about these practices is that my affinity with water and waveforms is in all of them. As a surfer for almost 40 years, a canoe paddler and from a lineage of sailors – it’s visceral. For me it is an evolutionary imperative, a deep calling of this natural underlying, implicit reality that exists within nature. I have let the ocean, the rivers, the waves, dolphins, whales, the birds – the earth, and the movements of life inform me.

I like to share that through the sessions, classes, workshops and retreats.” 

I am spontaneous, and at the same time a patient and process oriented being. I see all of life as an ongoing process. So I am often looking at the broader picture, the process and also the details and how they fit, when needed. It’s a different pace and way of being. It’s not always understood, as our world tends to value the fast paced and rewards that come with. 


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